Cleveland Indian Tickets include 25 active men with their manager Eric Wedge of US. Among them there are the Pitchers which include Venezuelan Rafeal Betancourt (63) Juan Lara (58) and Edward Mujica (49); Jensen Lewis (50) of the United States alongwith Scott Lewis J. D. Martin (66) Tom Mastny (40) C. C. Sabathia (52) Reid Santos Tony Sipp Brian Slocum (54) Aaron Laffey (32) Cliff Lee (31) Jeremy Sowers (45) Jake Westbrook (37) Joe Borowski (47) Paul Byrd (36) and Adam Miller; Fausto Carmona (55) and Rafael P?rez (53) from Dominican Republic; Aaron Fultz (46) from US Masahide Kobayashi from China. There are three catchers namely V?ctor Mart?nez (41) from Venezuela; and Kelly Shoppach (10) and Wyatt Toregas from United States. The Infielders comprise of United State"s Michael Aubrey (68) Josh Barfield (29) Casey Blake (1) Chris Gomez (27) and Ryan Garko (25); from Dominican Republic comes Andy Mart? (30) and Jhonny Peral (2); and Asdr?bal Cabrera (13) from Venezuela. The Outfielders David Dellucci (20) Ben Francisco (12) Kenny Lofton (7) Jason Michaels (8) Trot Nixon (33) Grady Sizemore (24) Brad Snyder (75) from Unites states; Shin-Soo Choo (17) from China; and Franklin Guti?rrez(38) from Venezuela. Travis Hafner (48) from United States is the team"s Designated Hitter. The team"s coaches involve 28 Jeff Datz (bench) 4 Luis Isaac (bullpen) 60 Dennis Malav? (bullpen catcher) 6 Luis Rivera (first base/infield) 9 Derek Shelton (hitting) 35 Joel Skinner (third base) 43 Dan Williams (bullpen catcher) and 51 Carl Willis (pitching).